Signed Limited Edition print, "YOUNG GIRL"

  • Signed Limited Edition print, "YOUNG GIRL"

Limited Edition Signed Print
Edition run of 50
Signa Smooth 310 gsm cotton rag - (a thick, soft and smooth 100% cotton paper)

12 x 9" signed by Harley Brown

She's calm and quite aware of what is happening. And a hundred years from now, that youthful wisdom will continue to be observed. I often think of that, making a moment "eternal." The lighting is straight on her face. No cast shadows; just gentle form shadows. As with everything in art, it's a challenge. In this case, extra fussing. Slip ups not allowed. Would it be okay for me to say, visual brain surgery?

Children are dear "treasures" of our lives. The innocence, contentment and curiosities they radiate has fascinated me all my art life. Bringing their true nature out is no easy task; and thankfully, after all these years, continues to be a serious dedication. Never easier.

She is surrounded by shapes and colors which give marvelous contrasts. The light blue against her warm face. Dramatic shaping with traditional bead work and feathers. Angular with horizontal/vertical. Oh yes, the turn of her eyes, turn of her head; aesthetic movement even though we know its a quiet moment.

I shouldn't charge for my art. My personal joy is payment for each minute I create a work. -Harley