• Limited Edition, "FINE BIRD/SCARLET AND BLUE"
  • Limited Edition, "FINE BIRD/SCARLET AND BLUE"

Parrots are not my subject specialty. What is my specialty really, is putting a subject on paper, whatever it is. I go into raptures from the first stroke. The reds and blues bringing life to these two creatures of the wilds of Peru. The idea is to hold on to "accuracy" and "passion" with each stroke. This combines my respect for nature and myself. We both bring the art together. (Remember, in art, "accuracy" is a whole lot different than accuracy in mathematics. In art, accuracy combined with passion. Result? Parrots.) We all have our moments long and short: Laughter, sadness, loneliness, heartbreak, inspirations, loving, hoping. All of us. They come and they go, even with several popping up one after the other. I've had them all and more.

Many things can happen in our lives to change our mental state in seconds. Feeling eternal then feeling mortal; Being sad, then happy.

There's one thing I can depend on. The one thing that brings me to a bursting of joy is so simple: Draw a picture. Yes, creating a visual can have an almost unbelievable positive turn of the mind.
My specialty.
Doesn't have to be a masterpiece. Anything on paper. Anything. Do one now; for only you to see. This is your private moment. You. A turning point forever. “Scarlett and Blue”