Open Edition "Roy Rogers and Trigger"

  • Open Edition "Roy Rogers and Trigger"

Open Edition print
9x12" Cotton Rag Paper
Signa Smooth 300 GSM cotton rag - (a thick, soft and smooth 100% cotton paper)
White boarder 1"

In my early days, I loved Western movies: Gene Autry, Durango Kid, and yes Roy Rogers. Well, I finally decided to bring Roy to life in my studio and here we see the results. At first, I was somewhat curious where this might go, but as with all my works, I'm there for my own inspired joy. Like a fairground ride, let's do it.

Fun to paint him in a way I remember: Roy Rogers on Trigger rearing up. Also, I knew I'd better concentrate getting Trigger right because I've not painted many horses. Here, looking it over, I'm happy. I was totally enthralled portraying this iconic cowboy and can see the energy that stayed with me to that last dab. Harley
Pastel Portrait of Roy Rogers and Trigger by Harley Brown